I asked a negative sign from God about my ocd fear.

the sign was to hear a door opening/closing in the building where I used to live. I think it was early afternoon/late miday and it was quiet. As soon as I prayed for this sign, I got a feeling that I would hear it and it could be a coincidence. to save myself from worries, I canceled the sign as soon as I asked it but when I said "no" I heard a door unlocking.

was that a coincidence or a negative sign?

after that, many coincidences kept happening.

I ended up having as a negative sign, a scorpion.

I played a video game and the video game character used a trick and became a scorpion. i freaked. i played again the same character to see if he will do it again. and he did it again. it was an npc character and not online. he used the same rare trick 2 times in a row and i freaked.

I was watching a video in youtube from that game. it was 2 hour. and i got a random thought "what if i see a scorpion in the second that i click"

I click randomly, at the timeline and I see that character becoming a scorpion. that scene was about 7 seconds and the video 2 hours. so, was that a coincidence or not?

I heard a dog barking while thinking about my ocd. I got a random thought as a joke like "i would consider it as a sign if I hear it with the 2 other sounds (dog bark, door) that I worry if they are a signs.

some seconds passed and the dog kept barking. suddenly, I heard the elevator sound which sounded like a door. the same time with a car alarm. three sounds trogether.

one other time, i was in a different neighborhood and I heard a car alarm and a door opening/closing the same time. i got a random thought like " that reminded me of that old coincidence with the 3 sounds together, the only thing we need is a dog" and a dog barked.

many times, i was writing in reddit about these coincindences and i was getting a thought like " what if i hear a door while i write about the door coincidence" and while i write the word door, i hear it.

i would be waking up early in the morning, and having random thoughts like " door sound" "door sound" and some seconds later, i would hear a door sound. they were not dreams.

once, i got a thought like " car alarm" and heard a car alarm. i freaked and got a thought like "what if i hear now a door" and i heard a door. double coincidence