Almost a month ago, I was worrying that a man may have vanished. I started worrying that it could have been a glitch in the simulation system (if we are in one).

I spend about 5-15 minutes trying to find ways/buildings that he may have gone to. I decided to take photos of the place in order to show the place to 2 friends and find ways/buildings that he may have gone to.

There was not any glitch in them. I was not trying to capture any evidence. They were just photos of the place. I was worrying and I took the photos in order to find an other explanation.

What if I angered Gods or the programers of the simulation? What if it counted as exposing, even though I was not trying to expose anything? I do not want to get to more details about the angering.

I have been worrying a lot about this. Some coincidences happened and I worry. what if they are bad signs? What if They/they punished me because of the photos and then decided to send me bad signs about it?

The coincidences:

- 1) I was going to enter a covid vaccination topic while thinking that I may read some phrases of excitement in the comments because I remembered reading phrases of excitement in an older topic.Indeed, someone wrote one of the phrases that I assumed that I may read in the newer topic. Automatically, this guess-coincidence (though expected) triggered a random thought (that I had many times in the past but for other reasons). That thought was about seeing in the username/signature of the one who posted that phrase, a word related to simulation and that it may be a bad sign from Gods or the programers. I checked the username/signature but there was no relation. I scrolled down a few comments and someone else had posted a link of a video game dlc that had the word "simulator" in its title. He/she posted it in order to make fun of people that are getting excited about vaccination. That game's dlc was making fun of covid stuff.

- 2) One other day, I saw in the super market a man that maybe kinda looked like the character from the video game (from the 1st coincidence) Not only that, but both were wearing circular gray hats. The video game character was wearing a typical gray, circular hat and the man in the market was wearing a gray bucket hat.

- 3) One other day, I was thinking about the man in the market a lot and the connectiong between the hats. I started thinking stuff like "why that man had to wear that hat?(bucket hat), do people wear these hats frequently?" and some other stuff related to it. Some seconds later, I saw in a non-busy street a man who looked like a cheap traveller, wearing a black circular feathered hat. I think it was the first tiime I was seeing that hat in my city. It was just weird that I saw him randomly in a non-busy street while thinking about a hat.

- 4)I was having my eyes closed while in bed. I was thinking about my worry and some unrelated stuff. I started losing control of my thoughts. I cant remember what I was thinking but I thought of a kinda rare phrase that was "βρε ουστ στο διαολο" ("vre oust sto diaolo") Its greek that can be roughly translated as "oh go to devil" (hell) . Almost one second later, I think I heard my brother from his room saying that rare phrase while playing online. Its a phrase that we never use. I did not hear his words clearly but that phrase in my language has kinda a specific melody and it sounded as if my brother said something with the same melody. How I thought that rare phrase and then, almost after a second I probably heard my brother saying it?

- 5) One other time, I was in my bed with eyes closed and htinking for my ocd worry and non-related stuff. I started losing control of my thoughts due to tiredness. I cant remember what I was thinking but for some reason, I ended up thinking the phrase "βρε ουστ στο διαολο" ("vre oust sto diaolo") (greek) which can be translated like "oh go to devil" (hell). Almost a second later, I think I heard my brother saying that phrase while playing a game online. I did not heard his words clearly but it sounded like the melody of that phrase. Its a phrase we never use. What if i was thinking about my ocd worry when this happened? I cant remember what I was thinking but probably I was thinking something unrelated. But what if I was not? Did I heard wrong? Did my brother said it twice and the first time I just got the "phrase" and his voice got deleted due to being sleepy?

- 6)One other time, while thinking about that phrase, "vre oust sto diaolo" I randomly heard a woman from outside saying something that sounded like the last syllable of the word "diaolo" (devil). I did not hear her words clearly but I was thinking the phrase "vre oust sto diaolo" (oh go to devil) and on the same time I heard the woman saying something that sounded like -aolo or -ao?o. she may have said the same word when I was thinking it!

So, do I need to worry and start believing that maybe we are in a simulation, maybe a man vanished, maybe it was a glitch, maybe I angered Gods or the programers by taking photos of the place (even though there was not any glitch in them), maybe They/they punished me for the photos and maybe are sending me bad signs through coincidences?